A sport day held by College of Engineering

Under the auspices and presence of the Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Saadouni, the Student Activities Unit at the College of Engineering organized a Sports Activities Day for students and faculty members of the college on Tuesday.

More than "60" students from various academic departments of the College of Engineering have participated in the activities which were supervised by the Head of the Student Activities Unit, Dr. Tariq Nabil.

The activities of the Day of Mathematical Activities of the College of Engineering were held among the students on the one hand, and among the faculty members of the college on the other hand. The activities featured sports activities including 

1. Table tennis competition with 28 participants.

2. Table hockey competition with 14 participants.

3. Football competition with 26 participants 

4. Table f football competition with 16 participants.



At the end of the college's sports day, winners were awarded prizes, medals, and honorary shields. 

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Monday, 26/December/2022