A Workshop on "Responsibilities of Evacuation and Emergency Team" at College of Engineering

ورشة عمل "مسؤوليات ومهام فريق الاخلاء والطوارئ" بكلية الهندسة لقسم الطالبات

At the request of the Dean of the College, Dr. Saleh Al-Dahish, the follow-up of the vice-dean for Quality and Development, and the supervision of both the vice-dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muhaisen, and the vice-dean for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Dalal Al-Mutairi, the Occupational Health and Safety Unit conducted a specialized workshop entitled “Responsibilities of Evacuation and Emergency Team". on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

The online workshop was held under the supervision of Ms. Ashwaq Al-Shunaify, and Ms. Abeer Al-Tuwaijri. 

In a welcoming speech to students, Dr. Al-Muhaisen, the vice-dean, pointed out that it's important that the evacuation and emergency team in the Department of Interior Design Engineering should attend this workshop.

The head of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit at the college, Dr. Yahya Al-Jahmani said that it's important that the unit should form an emergency and evacuation team for students at female campus, highlighting that this would help staff at female campus to implement occupational health and safety procedures efficiently.

The head of the unit also gave a presentation about the most important elements and items of official plan for evacuation and emergency which is approved by the General Administration of Health, Safety and Environment at the university.


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Tuesday, 11/October/2022