Muharram 1441
20 September 2019

Vission & Mission & Objectives

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Leadership, excellence, and improvement of the academic and research level in building a knowledge-based community in the Department of Biology to keep up with the scientific progress and the requirements of the community.
Message of the Department:
Preparation of a new generation of qualified female graduates and cadres equipped with scientific and practical knowledge to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market, as well as the contribution to do research in the field of biology for the development of the community.
Objectives of the Department
1. Graduation of qualified staff to teach biology at the different levels of the educational stages.
2. Development of communication skills and spirit of creativity for female student in the process of research and self-learning using information technology.
3. Entrench the principles and ethics of profession in teaching biology.
4. Enable female student to identify the scientific concepts and results of studies on all living organisms and environmental studies in the regions of Kingdom.