Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
23 October 2020

Unit of Networks

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A- Tasks of in charge of the network :

1- Receipt of hours of network from the departments.

2- Distribute them on the supervisors of halls to suit the hours and needs of networks.

3- Distribution of networks remaining hours on supervisors.

4- Supervision on the commitment of members and supervisors to their hours in networks in a timely manner and follow them up on an ongoing basis.

5-Communication with members and supervisors in the event of problems at any time or place in the hall.

6-Link between the members and supervisors of the departments –those who have network hours- and the communication with them during the existence of a problem or a report.

7-Issuing weekly report on work status during days of the week. 8-Issuing statistics on a monthly basis for reports during the entire month.


B- Tasks of the Supervisor of Network

1-Commitment to the specified hours in networks.

2-Record the presence and absence of female students, and communication with the faculty member, as well as the notification of any problem; as she is the link between the member and female students.

3-Upon the absence or the apology of a member to attend the network, the supervisor is assigned to do that.

4-Upon the need of the departments to help the Committee of Test, the Supervisor is assigned for invigilation.