Head's Message of Nursing Department


Message from the Head of Nursing Department

We welcome you to the Nursing Department website and hope that you find it useful and beneficial. Nursing profession is an integral part of the health care system, however, as in case of many countries in the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suffers from a severe shortage of nursing staff members at all levels. The Nursing Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences aims to prepare nurses that are able to fulfill the needs and meet the ever-changing requirements of the health sector in the Kingdom. The College of Applied Medical Sciences in Majmaah province was established on 18\1\1428

AH as part of King Saud University at first, and later was affiliated to Majmaah University by a royal decree on 3\9\1430 AH corresponding to 24\8\2009 AD.

The goals of the Nursing Department are:

1. creating unique educational opportunities for students to become highly qualified and efficient nurses able to assume various responsibilities and make decisions at critical moments.

2. Cooperating with other health and academic institutions to overcome the huge shortage of nursing staff members in the Kingdom.

3. Providing quality health care for individuals, families and communities through education and scientific research.

Therefore, the department works tirelessly in line with the message and values of the College and the University in order to achieve the Rector’s ambitious vision of innovative and excellent medical education, national community partnership, and contribution to worldwide scientific research.The bachelor's nursing program includes courses in human studies, practical courses, medical courses, and nursing courses.The total credit hours to obtain a bachelor degree in nursing is 134 hours in 8 semesters, followed by 1 year of field training internship period in one of the accredited hospitals.

Wishing to you all success Head of the Nursing Department,

Dr. Abdulrhman  Albougami 

Head of Nursing Department

Phone: 0164042818

Email: [email protected]