Postgraduate Studies Unit

About the Unit:

The Unit of Graduate Studies is mainly concerned with all postgraduate programs at the college in coordination with its academic departments in order to encourage graduates of local and overseas universities to enroll in these programs

Unit Tasks:

1. Implementation and follow-up of the College's policy for graduate studies.  

2. Development and review of graduate studies admission terms and conditions.  

3. Managing and administering all postgraduate studies programs, operations, tests and committees at the College   

4. Coordinating with the College's units in all relevant fields.  

5. Supervising the activities of the orientation program of graduate students. 

6. Receiving the students' application files for graduate studies and sending them to the respected colleges.  

7.Forwarding the approved applications of candidates from departments to the Deanship of Graduate Studies.  

8. Supervising the requests of deferral and excuse letters for study, the drop and add processes.  

9. Lists of denied students according to the regulations and issued resolutions with reference to graduate students.  

 10. Executing whatever the Unit is assigned to do regarding graduate studies.  

 11. Updating the Unit's webpage on a constant basis.   

 12. Carrying out all duties assigned to the Unit by the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.  

Unit Member:


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Contact Number       



Dr. Kamal Shaker Head of the Unit 2999 [email protected]