Academic Affairs and Exam Unit

Academic Affairs and Exam Unit

About the Unit:

This unit is concerned with setting school schedules, following up the distribution of the teaching load for faculty members and others, organizing and documenting the exams of the students, evaluating their academic levels, and forming the necessary teams

 Unit tasks

1-    Provide the departments with all the information needed to prepare the schedules.

2-    Coordinating with departments in the preparation of study schedules, including the identification of faculty members and the dates of courses and classrooms.

3-    Scrutiny of study schedules.

4-    Organizing and documenting students' examinations before, during and after tests

5-    Forming the teams necessary for the exams

6-    Follow-up updating the site of the college in respect of the unit

Unit Members


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Dr. Mohamed Waly

Head of the Unit


[email protected]