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The College is participating in a 3-day activity held at Karam Mall to celebrate the World First Aid Day 2022. The college was honored by the director of Saudi Red Crescent Centers in Majmaah. 


The college held multiple introductory meetings for new undergraduate students to introduce them to the college's vision, objectives, and the academic regulations.


The College announced winners of the Dean’s Award for Excellence for the academic year 1443 AH in all five categories:

Scientific Departments Category

Executive Units  Category

Faculty Category

Staff Category

Student Category 


The dean, Dr. Musaad Al-Zahrani, honored in the closing ceremony the former dean, Dr. Mazen Al-Ghatani, along with faculty members who are leaving the university and department coordinators. 


A closing activities ceremony was held by the College of Applied Medical Science for the academic year 1443 AH. The ceremony featured a speech by the dean, Dr. Musaad Al-Zahrani, who thanked faculty members and staff for their efforts during the year. 


MU rector, Prof. Saleh Al-Mizil, honored the team that participated in the university's booth at ICEE 2022. The team included Prof. Raed Al-Baradi and the students: Ahmed Al-Daraiweesh, Ayyad Al-Shammari and Jasser Al-Ba'aijan. 


The dean, Dr. Muaad Al-Zahrani, honored exemplary staff in April. They are:

Mr. Faisal Al-Subayae

Ms. Fatimah Al-Mutairi


The vice-rector for educational affairs, Prof. Mohammed Al-Aboudi, carried out a tour of inspection to the college to oversee the progress of final exams. The vice-rector was welcomed by the dean, Dr. Musaad Al-Zahrani. 


In the presence of the dean, Dr. Musaad Al-Zahrani, preparation courses for the examination of the Commission for Health Specialties came to an end. The 2-week course targeted internship students in all academic departments. 


The college, represented by the Department of Biomedical Equipment Technology, held a training course for master's students entitled (Analysis of heart rate variability for clinical diagnosis using Kubios HRV program).




Final Exams Schedules for Master's Programs, Second Semester 1443 AH


1. Master's Program in Management and Leadership in Nursing (Male / Female) (MSN)

2. Master of Physiotherapy (male/female) program (MPT)


Final exams schedules bachelor programs, second semester 1443 AH

1. Schedule of Final Exams Physical Therapy Program (Male / Female) (PHT)

2. Schedule of Final Exams Doctor of Physiotherapy Program (Male / Female) (DPT)


The college, represented by the Student Activities Unit, in cooperation with the Department of Physiotherapy, held an event to celebrate World Autism Day. The need for assistance and improvement of the quality of life for people with autism was also highlighted.




Prof. Mohammed Al-Aboudi, the vice-rector for educational affairs, carried out a tour of inspection to the college during Ramadan where he was welcomed by the dean, Dr. Musaad Al-Zahrani, vice-dean and heads of departments.


The Community Service Unit at the college held an initiative that aims to provide health care for elderly people and raise their awareness of health risks and how to avoid them. A large number of visitors attended the event. 


Female students of the College of Applied Medical Sciences are invited to attend the introductory lecture on the standardized tests, which will be held (remotely).

Presenter: Dr. Saleh Al-Ayouni (Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs)


The Community Service Unit at the College of Applied Medical Sciences held an activity to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. 


A group of students from Department of Biomedical Technology visited King Abdul Aziz Medical City Hospital in the National Guard in Riyadh.


The College, represented by the Community Service Unit and the departments of Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Public Health, held an initiative entitled "Your Step is the Balance of your Health" in the public park in Majmaah.