MDL-Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

The academic affairs committee of MDL department is committed to provide excellent academic, educational and counselling services to all students. Additionally, guiding students, and solving issues related to academic achievement.
Tasks and Duties:

  • Follow up on early registration, confirm registration, and follow up on male and female students during the early registration period to discover errors that may occur and solve problems that may interfere with the registration process. 
  • Prepare the study schedules for the male and female sections.
  • Activate and apply academic counseling and solving issues related to academic achievement.
  • Follow up on students’ attendance and consider students’ excuses for absence and non-attendance for exams, as well as looking into requests for apologies for studying.
  • Counting the number of students who exceeded the allowed limit in absence (25%), in preparation for depriving them of entering the final exams for each semester.
  • Preparing the final exams schedule for each semester.
  • Supervising the course equivalency process.
  • Spreading awareness of academic regulations among students, and helping them understand study plans.
  • Provide forms for course add/drop/withdrawal and change of section.
  • Follow-up of all student cases from postponement, apology, transfer, change of specialization, and defaulting students.
  • Notify the student when his academic average is low, and sign the academic warnings.

Committee Decision