MDL-Quality and Academic Accreditation Committee

Quality and Academic Accreditation Committee

The Quality & academic accreditation committee plays an important role in achieving the mission of the collage and program strategic plan. In accordance with the aforesaid the committee is proceeding confidently towards the excellence and academic accreditation of the MDL program. In this regards, the quality committee seeks continuous development with the application of quality management systems in the departments to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Academic accreditation locally and internationally.
  • Development of the faculty and staff members.
  • Spread the culture of quality assurance and development among the faculty members.
  • Ensure the application of quality in the department and measure the results of their application in administrative and academic work.

Tasks and Duties:

  • To monitor and enforce standards to enhance the quality of practice and reduce incompetence.
  • To prepare/review the course specification, course reports, course portfolio for both bachelor and master programs.
  • To review benchmarks and KPIs reports for both bachelor and Master program.
  • Create different working groups to handle specific accreditation standards or problem/improvement issues.
  • To submit regular reports to the Programs’ Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation unit.
  • To identify areas that need improvement and propose the appropriate solutions.
  • Organize a meeting with stakeholders through the advisory board.
  • Implement workshops and quality learning sessions for faculty members.

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