About the PHT Department

Department of Physical therapy & Health Rehabilitation(PTHR) was established in the year 2009 to cover the need for physical therapy specialists who are in great demand in all health institutions and rehabilitation centers. The establishment of this PTHR program came at a critical time while health care systems have been witnessing an increase in the musculo skeletal injuries and medical ailments due to increase in sedentary lifestyle. The area of rehabilitation and physical fitness have a great need of highly qualified personnel.

The Physical therapy program which is offered as a full-time on-campus day-time program, requires a successful completion of 137 credit hours for graduation, delivered in the form of lectures, tutorials, laboratories, and clinical demonstrations ending with a non-credit but mandatory one-year internship in hospitals.

The University has established a modern rehabilitation center with highly advanced Physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment aimed to treat a variety of clinical conditions including musculoskeletal and sports injuries, neurological and paediatric cases as well as cardiac rehabilitation. The outpatient clinics of the rehabilitation centre gives clinical exposure for the bachelors and masters level physical therapy students which will help them to hone their clinical skills.

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