Alumni Affairs Unit

Alumni Affairs Unit

It is specialized in the constant updating of graduates’ database and in surveying their opinions about the curriculum, the required skills, the labor market, the encountered difficulties after they graduate, and in urging them to connect with the college and to provide it with material and moral support



The unit should be bridge between college and alumni and alumnae


 Establish a permanent and ongoing communication between the University and the alumni and coordination with their employers for meaningful and constructive cooperation to serve University and alumni and the community.


Excellence …Commitment … Participation…. Integration ....... Loyalty….Perfection

Unit members


1.Develop communication and support the sense of affiliation between the University and its graduates.

2.Establish electronic database for the graduates.

3. Activation of continuing education programs by colleges to establish programs and training  courses for graduates.

4. Establishing a database of the institutions concerned with the graduates and labor market.

5. Assessing the satisfaction level of the graduates and declaring the departments with the results of such survey.

6. Assisting the deputy in the operations of planning and organizing which help facilitate the work process in the unit.

7. Preparing the lists of the students who are excepted to be graduates and the lists of the graduates and lists of the names of the students who completed the requirements necessary for obtaining their academic degrees.

8.Producing of job performance and professional problems for graduates and have the benefit from them in the proper planning of studying programs at the university.



1- Issuing the alumni guideline (How to get a job)
2- Organizing human development courses
3- Designing unit's ads and posters

4- Create a website for alumni
5- Establishing alumni club