Creativity and innovation in teaching medical devices technology, establishing local and national partnership and contribute to scientific research internationally.


To graduate distinctive and innovative competencies scientifically, skillfully and behaviorally in the field of medical equipment technology, and providing community services through an advanced academic environment.

Goals of BMET Program:-

  • Adept at applying their engineering and biological training to solving problems related to health and healthcare that are globally relevant and based on ethically sound principles.
  • Leaders in their respective careers in biomedical engineering or interrelated areas of industry, government, academia, and clinical practice.
  • Engaged in life-long learning by continuing their education in graduate or professional school or through opportunities for advanced career or professional training.

Objectives of BMET Program:-

To achieve the above long term goals, department of Medical Equipment Technology has taken lot of initiatives in the broad spectrum such as,

  1. Improving the teaching and learning process through both traditional teaching and modern technology based methods.
  2. Exposing the Students to modern software like MATLAB, LabVIEW etc., which are highly expected from, graduate students by healthcare industries.
  3. Motivating the Students to do innovations in the field of biomedical engineering to serve humanity.
  4. Encouraging the faculty members to attend faculty development programs organized by college and outside the institute.
  5. Encouraging the faculty members to do quality research and publish research works in peer reviewed journals.
  6. Revising the curriculum according to current societal and industrial needs.