Research Interest and Publications-Dr. Ibrahim Rasheed AlMohimeed

Dr. Ibrahim R. AlMohimeed

Research Interest

1. Biomedical Engineering
2. Wearable Medical Sensors
3. Biomedical Signal Analysis
4. Ultrasonic Sensor Development
5. Medical Ultrasonic Measurement
6. Physiological Monitoring
7. Muscle Contraction Measurement


1. AlMohimeed, I., & Ono, Y. (2020). Ultrasound measurement of skeletal muscle contractile parameters using flexible and wearable single-element ultrasonic sensor. Sensors, 20(13), 3616. doi:10.3390/s20133616

2. Yeung, E., AlMohimeed, I., & Ono, Y. (2020). Ultrasonic sensor and method for monitoring of skeletal muscle contraction evoked by electromyostimulation. In Proceeding of international symposium on advanced biomedical ultrasound (pp. 1–2) .

3. AlMohimeed, I., & Ono, Y. (2019). Flexible and wearable ultrasonic sensor for assessment of skeletal muscle contractile properties. In Proceeding of IEEE international conference on flexible and printable sensors and systems (FLEPS). doi:10.1109/fleps.2019.8792301

4. Yeung, E., AlMohimeed, I., & Ono, Y. (2019). Estimation of tissue thickness changes due to electrical muscle stimulation using wearable ultrasonic sensor in pulse echo mode. In 2019 ieee sensors (pp. 1–4). doi:10.1109/SENSORS43011.2019.8956742

5. AlMohimeed, I., Agarwal, M., & Ono, Y. (2018). Wearable Ultrasonic Sensor Using Double-Layer PVDF Films for Monitoring Tissue Motion. In Proceeding of ieee canadian conference on electrical & computer engineering (ccece) (pp. 1–4). doi:10.1109/ccece.2018.8447859

6. Trindade, B. M., Ono, Y., Lemaire, E. D., & AlMohimeed, I. (2014). Development of a wearable ultrasonic sensor and method for continuous monitoring of mechanical properties of plantar soft tissue for diabetic patients. In Proceeding of ieee international ultrasonics symposium (pp. 2112–2115). doi:10.1109/ULTSYM.2014.0526

7. AlMohimeed, I., Turkistani, H., & Ono, Y. (2013). Development of wearable and flexible ultrasonic sensor for skeletal muscle monitoring. In Proceeding of IEEE international ultrasonics symposium (IUS) (pp. 1137–1140). doi:10.1109/ultsym.2013.0291

8. Turkistani, H., AlMohimeed, I., & Ono, Y. (2013). Continuous monitoring of muscle thickness changes during isometric contraction using a wearable ultrasonic sensor. In Proceeding of canadian medical and biological engineering society (cmbes) (Vol. 36) .