Research Interest and Publications- Dr. Mohsen Bakouri

Dr. Mohsen Bakouri

Research Interest 

Control Systems of Biomedical Devices


1. An Optimal H-Infinity Controller for Left Ventricular Assist Devices Based on a Starling-like Controller: A Simulation Study

2. Barrier function-based adaptive nonsingular sliding mode control of disturbed nonlinear systems: a linear matrix inequality approach

3. Generalized type-2 fuzzy control for type-I diabetes: Analytical  robust system

4. A Type-2 Fuzzy Controller for Floating Tension-Leg Platforms in Wind Turbines

5. Barrier Function Adaptive Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control Approach for Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

6. Steering a Robotic Wheelchair Based on Voice Recognition System Using Convolutional Neural Networks

7. Clinical characteristics and predictors of mortality among COVID-19 patients in Saudi Arabia

8. Towards the exact solutions of Burger’s fluid flow through arteries with fractional time derivative magnetic field and thermal radiation effects

9. Investigation of flow dynamic characteristics of inverse fluidized bed biofilm reactor for degrading pharmaceutical based biomedical wastewater

10. Numerical Investigation On Preload And Afterload Sensitivity For Using Ventricular Assist Device On Heart Failure Patients

11. Epidemiological Modeling of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia: Spread Projection, Awareness, and Impact of Treatment,

12. Cytokines Blood Filtration Responses in COVID-19

13. Different loading condition and angle measurement of human lumbar
spine MRI image using ANSYSE.

14. Physiological Control Law for Rotary Blood Pumps with Full-State Feedback Method. .

15. Heat transfer and turbulent simulation of nanomaterial due to compound turbulator including irreversibility analysis

16. Stability Analysis of Darcy-Forchheimer Flow of Casson Type Nanofluid Over an Exponential Sheet: Investigation of Critical Points.

17. Thermal evaluation of graphene nanoplatelets nanofluid in a fast-responding HP with the potential use in solar systems in smart cities.

18. Smart optimization of a thermosyphon heat pipe for an evacuated tube solar collector using response surface methodology (RSM)

19. Evaluation of an advanced model reference sliding mode control method for cardiac assist device using a numerical model.

20. Nonlinear modelling and control of left ventricular assist device.

21. A Sliding Mode‐Based Starling‐Like Controller for Implantable Rotary Blood Pumps.

22. Intrinsic Investigations of Physiological Interaction for Pulsatile Rotary Blood Pumps. Accepted to publish in Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences. 2019

23. Flow Pulsatility of Heart Pump: State Space Modelling and Control