Planning and Development Unit

Planning and Development Unit

About the Unit

It is interested in the planning and development works related to the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality, the follow-up of the operational plans of the college departments and units and preparation of the annual reports according to the adopted indicators of the performance measurement.

 Unit Tasks:

1. Preparing and reviewing strategic plans for the college according to the University strategic plan.

2. Preparing the operational plans with the partnership of the departments and units and following up their implementation.

3. Providing support and advice for the departments and units in the implementation of the operational plans.

4. Coordinating with the Training Unit of the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality to prepare various training programs in the field of development.

5. Preparing an annual report regarding the efforts of the college and its departments concerning the level of plans’ implementation and the difficulties which may face it.

Unit Members:


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Dr. Mohsen Bakouri

Head of the Unit


2 Nidaa Alanazi Member 2792 [email protected]