Vision Mission and Goals BSN Program

Vision Mission and Goals of BSN Program


To be one of the leading providers of nursing education, scientific research and community service both regionally and nationally.


Preparation of competent nursing graduates through quality education environment supporting scientific research and community responsibility.


1. Providing a suitable, rich and stimulating academic environment for students’ teaching and learning to thrive within the classroom, the laboratory, and the clinical setting.
2. Empowering the graduate to apply theoretical and empirical knowledge gained from basic sciences and nursing sciences to develop holistic plans of care for individuals, families, and communities throughout the lifespan.
3. Equip graduates with the necessary leadership and management skills and principles in the effective delivery of nursing care and the advancement of the nursing profession in all aspects of practice.
4. Preparing graduates to practice nursing according to codes of professional standards, and ethical and behavioral principles that protect the rights of the individual and the public.
5. Enabling graduates theoretically and clinically to pursue new developments in research, technology, and informatics in nursing profession and to contribute effectively both locally, regionally and internationally.
6. Promote the concept of community and public partnership between the nurse and the service user within the cultural framework and value system.