A Visiting Student to Almajma’ah University

First: Terms and Conditions of studying as a visiting student at ALmajma’ah University from another university:

 a student must have an academic record (with GPA) for on semester at least in his university;

 a student must obtain a signed letter from his university to be a visiting student in ALmajma’ah University;

 a student must mention in the letter the courses of Almajma’ah University he is going to study;

 a student must obtain the faculty approval he desires to study at;

 A student from another university does not a stipend from Almajma’ah university;

 the courses will be added to a student by Deanship of Admission and Registration putting into consideration all the terms and conditions of applying for courses;

 a student should apply for admission within the period specified already for that.


 Secondly, the required documents for study application as a visiting student in Almajma’ah University:

- an approval letter from the university of the visiting student that states the approval for a student to study at Almajma’ah University along with the courses a student would like to study ( number, code, the name of the course and number of credit hours ) according to what is applied in Almajma’ah University;

- an official academic transcript. 

- a copy of the national identification card.


 Third, the procedures for studying as a visiting student in Almajma’ah University: 

- a student needs to go to the department where the courses he would like to study are taught in order to know the description of courses and make certain they are offered in the next academic semester;

- a student applies to the department of admission in Deanship of Admission and Registration and he brings all the required documents and he must do that within the define period of time;

- after obtaining the approval from Deanship of Admission and Registration as a visiting student according to the terms and conditions followed, then a student will be issued a student number and the courses will be added in the letter.


Finally, after-studying procedures:

 at the end of his study will be given an academic transcript explains the results of the courses that he has studied to present it to his university.