Scholarship Objectives

First: Scholarships for Non-Saudis: Majmah University offers scholarships to non-Saudi students to study at the university.
Scholarships are of two types:
• Internal Scholarship: (Non-Saudi students who reside legally in the Kingdom)
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External Scholarship: (for non-Saudi students across the world.)
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Scholarships ranges from partial to full scholarships in accordance with the rules governed by the University Council.
Scholarship Objectives
1-To communicate the message of Islam to the world, teach the Arabic language, and spread the culture of moderation.
2. To contribute in qualifying scholars who are expected to be active in their communities in all disciplines.
3-To attract outstanding students to achieve diversity and enrich scientific research.
4- To establish scientific and cultural links with educational institutions, Islamic and scientific institutions in the world.
5- To strengthen solidarity between the Kingdom and the world.
6- To introduce students in the Kingdom to the country's scientific, economic, political, and social and health renaissance.