Graduation Ceremony of Third Class

On Tuesday 24/06/1432/1433 in the Ceremony Hall, Majmaah University celebrated the graduation of its third class totaling more than 1150 students from several colleges. The Ceremony was under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Angari, and in the presence of the Rector Dr. Khaled Saad Al-Muqrin, university deputies, deans, directors of a number of government departments and a large gathering of the audience who filled the University theater hall. The celebration opened with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by the student Shoaib Bader, and then Dr. Ahmed Ali Romaih Dean of Admission and Registration welcomed His Excellency the Rector and thanked the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Angari for sponsoring the event. “I am pleased to welcome all of you here on this blessed graduation day when the smell of success and achievement fills the hall.” Dr.Romaih said. He continued, “As we celebrate the graduation of the third class of students of our new university, we should remember with respect and appreciation the University developmental role of introducing competent citizens who can contribute to the comprehensive development in our beloved country.” “Today Majmaah University graduated (1150) students from various colleges and disciplines including 810 female undergraduates and 167 undergraduate male students plus 173 Diploma students in fields such as mathematics, chemistry, English, biology, Islamic Studies, Accounting, the Arabic language, home economics, physics, computer and medical devices.” He added. Dr. Romaih continued, “Today we are proud that our university is one of the beacons of higher education in our country, carrying its message to all areas of human development and community service” Then a student gave the undergraduate speech. “On my behalf and on behalf of my fellow graduates, I have the honor to extend my gratitude to the Minister of Education, the patron of this prestigious ceremony, a sponsorship that indicates our great leaders’ high regard for education, educators and students in our beloved country.” He opened. “I also thank all people who helped us reach this stage including our University faculty members and leaders for the support they gave us to graduate.” He continued. He said that getting the University Qualification was the beginning of a new phase of giving to religion and country relying on God, themselves and the abilities and skills they had learned in this university. “My fellow graduates, yesterday we were students learning and studying to reach the day we can appreciate the services provided to us by our country represented by our wise leadership, and today is the day we renew our commitment to give to our country and repay the debt we owe our fellow citizens and leaders.” He added. “Having graduated, we move to our respective careers, and we will discover new things. We should make the best use of what we have learned in this university in our relevant positions. In order to be successful in our careers, we should increase our knowledge and keep on developing ourselves while observing our Islamic and national identity, and be careful and aware of the distorting and destructive ideas that may destroy our values and society,” He recommended. The preservation of our earnings is a shared responsibility and the duty of each one of us, and especially students and educators.” He claimed. It is really a joyous occasion and a happy night full of pride and joy. Delightful Feelings of students and parents today are beyond words. Leaving University is certainly difficult for us, but the memory of the place and its people is the consolation we carry with us. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us.” He finished. After that, a documentary film talking about the history of the university during the three years of its establishment and the major achievements and aspirations of its officials was presented. Then the Rector Dr. Khalid bin Saad Al-Muqrin delivered a speech in which he thanked the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Angari for his sponsorship of this celebration considering it as a great support for the University and its employees and a strong motivation for further support. The Rector also said that this celebration coincided with two important anniversaries: first, the 7th anniversary of the people’s loyalty pledge to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, which represents an opportunity of gratitude and appreciation for his accomplishments towards his country and his people. Second, this ceremony is held at the place where his Highness king Abdullah had inaugurated two weeks before. That place was one of the 80 billion SAR projects of the Ministry of Higher Education throughout the kingdom; 4 billion were allocated to Majmaah city as a gift from the King to the people of Majmaah. “The University has been contributing to the increasing efforts in creating a developed learning environment as it has the potentials for more sophisticated educational atmosphere. This establishment is the beginning of a number of projects and installations that will be a huge cultural shift in the region.” The Rector said. “Our leadership’s interest in the higher education indicates an honest determination and insightful leadership to raise the standard of higher education, and the utmost attention to infrastructure, facilities and headquarters, equipment and techniques. This is confirmed by the attention of the Ministry of Education through its departments.” He added. “Moreover, the decision to appoint nearly 2000 employees is a heart-warming occasion that reflects a sincere desire of our leadership to serve our community through the creation of jobs and job stability a long with an administrative shift at the University.” He continued. The Rector thanked the minister of Education and administrators at the University for their effort in the employment of those 2000 employees. He added that this event represents an end to a studying stage on the part of students, and a start of another phase of heading to the labor market to contribute to the development of their community. This celebration also equally represents a continuity to the breakthrough of the University through the stage of production of highly competent members of society armed with skills and abilities in different aspects of education and life. “This University thrives under the auspices and relentless support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (May God protects him) and his Crown Prince and His Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of universities and students of her constant support for the development to universities. His Excellency also spoke of what has been accomplished at the University including great work and achievements. He also gave some advice to students. Finally, excellent students were honored with memorial rewards.