External Study

According to the recommendation of the colleges, the University Council may adopt study on external basis in the colleges and the specializations,which nature of study allow that .The university Council sets the principles and the procedures regulating that according to the following.:

  1. The required credit hours for graduation for an external student should not be less than the required credit hours for regular students in the available specializations for external study.
  2. The external student is treated equally with a regular student concerning, admission grading, transference, dismissal, re-registration, etc. except for attendance of the classes.
  3.  According to the recommendations of the College boards, the University Council sets the required principles for the evaluating the achievement of the external students.
  4. That the student has studied as an "external" student is written on his/her certificate.


The Operational Rule for Majmmah University:

  1. External study shall be in the departments approved by the University Council
  2. The external student is treated as a full- time student in study by-laws, test regulations and other operational rules of Majmmah university except attendance of the lectures.
  3. The University Council determines the number of external students to be enrolled and the conditions of enrolment.
  4. The student may change from external to full time study according to conditions  set by the University Council.
  5.  That the student has studied on a external basis is proved by writing it on his or her certificate, unless  s/he has studied  at least 60%  credit hours on regular basis.