Stipends Department


قسم المكافات




  •  - Stipends are paid to all Saudi undergraduate and diploma students and  not having in any governmental job, as well as foreign scholarship students. Stipends are deposited in students' bank accounts. The stipend amount is (SR 1000) for scientific studies students and (SR 850) for social studies and humanities students.

      - Stipends are paid regularly during all the original period, i.e. , the scheduled program period for graduation according to the study plan approved by the University Boar.

      - Stipends are not paid for the summer session unless the student joins the university during it, or studies the second semester preceding the summer session.

      - Stipends are not paid to students who withdraw from or postpone the semester.

      - Stipends are not be paid to warned students whose GPAs  are below (2).

      - SR 10 is deducted monthly from the stipend for the Student Fund.








التواصل مع المكافات