Article XIX

1)    The student graduates after completing the requirements of graduation successfully, according to the syllabus, provided that his Cumulative Average is not less than the rate determined by the concerned university council for each specialization. In all cases it should not be less than thePass grade.

2)    Based on therecommendation of the Department Board, the College Board may determine suitable courses for the student to study in order to raise his CumulativeAverage if he passes on the courses and fails in theCumulativeAverage.

The Executive Rule of Majmmah University

1.     The student graduates after completing graduation requirements successfully according to the syllabus, provided that his rate is not less than Pass ( or his CumulativeAverage is not less than (2-5). According to the recommendation of the concerned Department Board, the College Board may require the student to repeat, based on his CumulativeAverage, in case of his success in the courses and failure in CumulativeAverage, according to the following rules:

a.     A condition for eliminating any grade for a course the student had studied is that he repeats and passes it.

b.     The total credit hours for the courses eliminated from the CumulativeAverage should not be more than 15% of the total credit hours of the syllabus.

c.      In re-calculating the CumulativeAverage, only the following grades may be eliminated: Fail (F), (Debarred (D), Withdrawal because of failure (WF).

d.     His re-calculatedCumulativeAverage , should not exceed 2.00 out of 5.00.

e.      The academic record should include grades of all the courses the student has taken..

f.       In the academic record a special notice, marking the eliminated courses, is made after applying re-calculatingCumulativeAverage.

2.     What is contained in the paragraphs :B and C of Article XX,shall be considered.

3.     The student shall not be considered a graduate until the issuance of approval of the University Council, awarding him the degree.

4.     Graduation Day is schedule in according to the Academic Calendar approved by the University Council.

5.     The Deanship of Admission and Registration, or whoever it delegates, forwards graduation memoranda to the University Council, to be forwarded in turn, at the nearest session after the end of the final examinations. Individual graduation memoranda are forwarded for the students who have incomplete grades (IC),or permitted to sit for substitute exam(s)in the final year or the like, when completing graduation requirements. Graduation semester is considered the final in the student's record.

6.     Certificate

a.     Every graduate is awarded acertificate in both Arabic and English, containing the following information: Date of graduation in both Hijriand Gregorian, student's full name, nationality, Civil Registry Number,college, specialization, path (if any),degree, honours (if any). The certificate is to be signed and stamped by the Dean of Admission and Registration.

b.     A substitute for a lost certificate may be issued, including the expression "Instead of a  Lost Certificate".