Requirements of Admission



The Executive  Principles of Majmmah University

Approved by the decree of the university council, on its sixth session, held on 1/3/1342 H

Requirements of Admission


  1. He should have obtained a general high school certificate or its equivalent from within or without the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  2. His high school certificate or its equivalent should not be older than five years. The University Council may make some exceptions if convincing reasons are provided.

  3. He should be of a good conduct.

  4. He should successfully pass any test or interview assigned by the University Council.

  5. He should be medically fit.

  6. He should provide a permission for study from his reference, if he works in government or private sector

  7. He should satisfy any other conditions the University Council determines, announced  during application.

  8. He should not be dismissed from any other university for disciplinary or academic reasons. If that became clear after his, his acceptance shall be deemed cancelled from the day of his admission.

  9. A student dismissed from the university  for academic reasons may be enrolled in some programs that do not award a Bachelor Degree, as decided by the University Council, or whoever it delegates. This shall not be allowed forthe transitional program.

  10. Those who already had obtained a Bachelor Degree or its equivalent shall not be admitted to obtain another Bachelor degree. The University Rector has the right for exceptions.

  11. A student registered for another university degree or below, shall not be admitted, either in the selfsame university or another.