Department of Credentials and Graduate Affairs

Tasks of the Department of Credentials and Graduate Affairs: 1) editing documents for all degrees, and writing the notice boards that contribute to guiding male and female students to the works carried out by the Deanship; 2) responding to the correspondences from cultural attaches, embassies, and ministries that inquire about the acceptability of the academic credentials of those who want to pursue their higher education or are interested in employment, where these credentials are checked and then notified about; 3) organizing the distribution of the students academic credentials by posting news inside the Deanship and on the webpage of the deanship; 4) issuing a second copy of the students lost credentials; 5) issuing graduate guides for both male and female students, and distributing them only during the graduation ceremony at the end of each academic year; 6) sending a text message to those who are expected to graduate in order to guide them to the procedures of receiving the testimonials after graduation; 7) submitting the graduation memorandums to the Board of the University to approve them each semester; 8) save the data of alumni on the academic system and submitting their own statistics to the Ministry of Education and other concerned parties.