Administrative and Financial Affairs Tasks


1. General supervision of the administrative and financial affairs.
2. Supervise and coordinate the work of the units to ensure their good performance.
3. Follow-up and implement all administrative and financial regulations, instructions and decisions
4. Oversee the financial performance by applying the disbursement mechanism from the permanent loan according to the rules, regulations and items related to the finances.
5. Supervising the management and safety of the college's laboratories, covering their needs, and improving their quality.
6. Follow up on the provision of technical equipment and educational supplies necessary for all departments and scientific departments.
7. Qualifying the administrative and technical staff through training courses in various fields.
8. Developing proposals to improve the level of performance of staff.
9. Issuing administrative assignments.
10. Executing strategic projects related to the administrative and financial affairs.
11. Achieving safety requirements and in all buildings and college facilities.
12. Preparing periodic and annual reports on the progress of work, obstacles to work, and proposals for development, and submitting them to the Dean of the College.
13. Determining the college's needs in terms of human resources, equipment, and materials, 
14. Preserve the property of the college.
15. Supervising recieving and handing custody 
Follow up the annual inventory of the college's warehouse.
Suhaib Al-Duwaish       Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs    0164044015       [email protected]