Message from Head of Department

The Department of Physics was established simultaneously with the College of Science in Zulfi in 1427. A small number of faculty members who were responsible for developing this department and bringing it to be a competitive department locally and internationally. With the assistance of competent faculty members, the first batch of students graduated and proved to be competitive in the local labor market, achieving the department’s mission.

The department is constantly keen to develop its study plan in line with the developments of the local and international market and to improve the learning outcomes of graduate students.

The department has been keen to develop its members' level in the field of scientific research by  providing them with the latest scientific research equipment. This has resulted in having a great deal of scientific research published in international refereed ISI journals. The department also strives to expand its scientific research base through cooperation with other scientific departments at MU and in local and international universities as well as opening channels of communication with the local community.



Dr. Mohammed Al-Baddah

Head of Department of Physics