Community Service Unit

About the Unit:

This unit specializes in the planning and organization of community service programs offered by the college and its affiliates. It seeks to endorse the quality of medical and health services provided to the community so as to promote the concept of comprehensive civilizational development and spread knowledge in the governorates.

 Unit Tasks:

1. Check, organize , document and develop the community service activities.

2. encourage college affiliates to participate in community service activities.

3. Follow up the documentation of the activities such as ( advising, treatments, lectures etc. )

4. Issue certificates of held activities.

5. receive and archive forms of participation in community service activities.

6. Prepare reports on community service activities and submit them to the college vice dean.

7. Assess the contribution of the college to the community service activities and events.

8. Coordinate with high schools to organize visits to introduce the different college departments.

Unit Member:


Member Name


Contact Number



Dr. Wadad Manahi Al Enezi Head of the Unit 2923

[email protected].sa