Under the patronage of the dean of College of Science in Zulfi, Dr. Hani Al-Ghuhayz, the science and environment hackathon was held under the theme "The environment is our responsibility" to encourage students to suggest creative solutions to the environment.

The 3-day hackathon began with the registration of participants followed by a welcoming speech for the dean. The event featured three presentations given by three different speakers on a variety of topics. The first one was given by Dr. Aiman Al-Jawhari on the reasons for environmental pollution; the second by Dr. Mohammed Wajeeh on suggestions to get rid of wastes using high-quality technology; and the third by Dr. Marwan Abdelateef on the environment and sustainable development. 

A working team was formed to propose ideas followed by the initial sort stage. On the next day, the preliminary model was formed and approved by the committee and Dr. Mustafa Iraqi, and finally building the business model was under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Al-Oraini and Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed.

A ceremony was held on the last day in the presence of the dean and vice-deans, which focused on explaining the ideas of participants who awarded by the dean. 

First place was won by Jumanah Al-Dheeb, Nora Al-Bahlal, Modah Al-Nassar, Raneem Al-Nassar and Lamees Al-Zunaidy. 

Second place was won by Balqees Al-Jasser, Ghadeer Al-Qashaami, Rand Al-Turaiqi, Lateefa Al-Bader, Nora Al-Abdelqader and Albandari Al-Anizi.

Third place was won by Reham Al-Mansour, Meyad Al-Ammar, Bushra Al-Nafae, Renad Al-Nafae, Afnan Al-Humaidi and Nora Al-Ammar.

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Sunday, 27/March/2022