Vision, mission, Objectives and Values



The College provides educational services to its community according to national and international standards of quality, and to develop highly scientific and academic qualified graduates and successful competitors in the labor market to contribute to the national development.



The college of Sciences aims to be one of the leading colleges in sciences and a College of regional leadership and international excellence to create a high-quality educational environment producing a qualified cadre contributing to the overall sustainable development of the country.



  • Provide recognized educational environment that help students to obtain the knowledge in the modern classroom and laboratories.
  • To provide qualified cadres to meet the needs of the market in various fields.
  • Provide learning facilities and research resources through the library and the database of scientific journals and manuscripts.
  • To make achievements in the research field and to encourage the culture of scientific research.
  • Direct the research to help the local society and motivate students to participate in the research.
  • To establish a communication between the College & the society.
  • Obtaining the academic accreditation (nationally and internationally) for all programs in the college.



  • Justice -  the quality  -  excellence  -  creativity  -  Team spirit  Loyalty and belonging to the homeland