Vision, Mission and Goals


To be a pioneering department locally, regionally and internationally levels in teaching, scientific research and community service


Qualify students in mathematical sciences and its applications to compete in the labor market, engage in community service and sustainable development, and possess scientific research and technology employment skills.


Honesty - Transparency - Loyalty.

* Objectives

* Qualify students to work in the teaching profession and compete in the labor market.

* Qualify students to work in research centers and pursue postgraduate studies.

* Offer service mathematics courses for the programs of the College of Science and other colleges.

* Recruit outstanding faculty members and develop their skills

* Qualify students to work effectively on their own or as a teamwork

* Prepare students to pass national and international professional exams.

* Commit to local community responsibility by providing consultations and organizing courses in mathematics, science, and statistics.


* Requirements to study in the department:


First: Admission requirements for the university
1- He holds a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside the kingdom or outside
2- He should have received his high school diploma or its equivalent since five years or less
3- He must succeed any test/ interview appointed by the university
4- He must be of good conduct
5- He must get a study approval in case he works for a governmental or private hand
6- He must be medically fit
7- He should meet any other conditions specified by the University Council
8- He should not be expelled from another university for disciplinary or educational reasons
9- It is not permitted to accept people obtaining a Bachelor degree
10- It is not permitted to accept students enrolled in another university degree to get another Bachelor degree from the same university or another.





Second: Admission requirements for the department:


- You must be a high school graduate (scientific dvision)
- Your combined percentage should be 30% for secondary school, 30% for general abilities, and 40% for achievement test, so that the student obtains a weighted percentage of 75% or higher.
General comprehension of the department.