4th Seminar of Computer Science and Information Department for Academic Year 1440-1441

In line with the series of seminars held during the academic year 1440/1441, the fourth seminar was conducted in the presence of the Head of the Department, Dr. Fayez Al-Fayez and faculty members.
The seminar which was presented by Dr. Adel Thaljawi is titled “Indoor Localization”.
Dr. Thaljawi talked about smart homes that use Internet-connected devices to enable monitoring and management remotely of devices and systems, such as lighting and heating.
He also talked about a research project aimed at developing a hybrid system of three different technologies to locate an elderly person in his smart home. He explained that the goal of developing such a hybrid system is to use the strengths of each technology and avoid weaknesses in order to get accurate results.
The seminar was wrapped up by a Q&A session which was both enriching and informative.

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