2nd Workshop of Quality & Accreditation held by Mathematics Department

Within the efforts exerted by the Department of Mathematics to apply for earning academic accreditation, the second workshop for quality and accreditation was held in the presence of the head of the department, Dr. Zeyad Al-Hussein and faculty members.
The workshop, titled “ Annual Report of Program”, was presented by Dr. Ismael Tayel who explained the essential components of a program annual report file according to the latest form provided by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, pointing out the importance of having accurate definition and consist information.
An informative discussion session took place by faculty members which helped in revising the content of the file of annual report.
The workshop is held on regular basis every two weeks and the following topics will be addressed during this semester: course description- improvement plan- measuring learning outcomes – annual report- matrix consistency –course description.

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Wednesday, 23/October/2019