Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
21 October 2020

Last Modified Sun, 2020/09/20 - 22:42

About Department


Program of Mathemtics is promoting an excellence locally and globally in Mathematics education through building knowledge, creating skills, conducting research and collaborating with society.


The mission of the Mathematics Program is to provide the society with graduates, very well equipped with mathematical knowledge, skills and techniques, able to compete in the labour market and pursue postgraduate schools.


Graduates of the mathematics program will be able to :
  • Apply various general education competencies through the study of Mathematics.
  • Compete in Labor Market, or secure acceptance in Postgraduate studies in Mathematics.
  • Explain Mathematical ideas with a ‎professional‎ and ethical responsibility.
  • Transmit Mathematical ideas both orally and in writing.
  • Work effectively individual and within a team.


Graduates of the mathematics program will be able to
  • Explain and deliver professionally the most complicated Mathematical concepts and ideas orally and in writing with ethical responsibility.
  • Have the best positions and opportunity in job market, as well as, get admissions in the highest   quality  postgraduate schools for higher educations.