Head of Department Message


All Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his Family and Companions.

It is my pleasure and good fortune to contribute to the website of the Physics Department with these humble words and to shed some light on its Faculty of Science at Majmaah University. I thank The Almighty God for His grace and gratitude that has placed me here to serve the religion, the nation, society in general and the university and this college in particular. My thanks go to their Excellencies the Rector and the vice deans of the University, the Dean of the College of Science in Zulfi and my colleagues for the facilities and guidance they have provided in order to serve the university. They have ensured the development and upgrading of their department to its best levels.

Physics is the science that studies everything related to material, its movement and energy; it tries to understand natural phenomena and the forces affecting the functioning of material and formulates knowledge of the laws that do not only explain the processes above, but also the prediction of the natural processes with models that slowly and gradually approach reality.

Physics is at the same also interested in accurately measuring and inventing new ways of increasing a basis of reaching a proper interpretation of natural phenomena. Physics provides the art of measurement methods for use in all the vital and natural sciences like Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Biology and other sciences. The progress of civilization is due to the impressive progress of the science of physics. All the devices that we use in our daily lives are based on physics, such as radar, wireless, radio, color TV, phones, laptop computers, cell phones and diagnostic devices in medicine, such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, radiotherapy, glasses, telescopes and space probes, microwave ovens, power transistors, the microphone and electricity..

Head of the physics department 

Dr. Ibrahim shaarany