Support Services Management

• Follow-up and complete all procedures of staff such as: leaves, promotion, transfer, assignment, overtime, courses etc. • Follow-up the operational and strategic plan and the annual report. • Follow-up attendance and reporting to relevant departments. • Provide support to the departments, identify their needs of furniture, equipment and financial advances and provide them accordingly, recording the items in the custody of staff and completing all necessary procedures. • Supervise and update the department's e-portal. • Supervise and monitor the activation of electronic services and transactions. • Provide technical coverage and documentation for the activities of the department and communicating with PR department in this regard. • Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the department in coordination with other departments. • Coordinate with the competent authorities within the university in terms of administrative and technical services, following up on their requirements and responding to inquiries. • Organize and keep the documents of the department in a way as to ensure easy retrieval. • Carry out any other tasks assigned to the department in accordance with its responsibilities.