- Establishing marketing centers.


 Marketing centers were founded to meet the needs of residents and provide all basic services.
- Setting up prayer rooms


Preparing prayer rooms for residents is top priority, and their capacity are always increased.
- Green spaces and entertainment facilities


Green spaces have been prepared in the housing with places for families to sit and children to play games 
- Emergency and reception.


A joint emergency and reception room was prepared that operates 24 hours a day, and provide all technical and logistical services to the residents.
- Stadiums and tracks.


The university's playgrounds and tracks - adjacent to housing- were utilized for some sports activities.
- Medical services .


Medical services are provided to all university staff. One of the buildings was prepared to be medical clinics in cooperation with the College of Medicine.
- Electronic screens


Electronic screens were installed as a means to communicate with residents and educate them.
- School transportation.


The Housing coordinated with the education departments in both Majmaah and Zulfi to transport residents’ children to public schools at all levels.
- Surveillance cameras.


Surveillance cameras were installed in all housing facilities in cooperation with the General Administration of University Security to ensure the safety of residents, their property, and public facilities.
- Equipping gyms.


 There are gyms for men and women inside the housing to allow them to practice sports and maintain health.
- Parking lots for bicycles.


The Housing Administration has set parking lots for bicycles inside the housing and their children.
- Activities and events.


A complete plan of activities was drawn up for all segments in the housing, including social, cultural, and sporting activities throughout the year and in cooperation with the university’s Social Responsibility Observatory.
- Apartments for guests 


There are a number of furnished and ready-to-use housing units for emergency situations and for university guests.
- Parking lots for people with disabilities and wheels for elderly


Special parking lots were prepared for people with disabilities near the residential buildings and wheels are provided for elderly people.
- Providing Internet service.

a fiber optic cable project was implemented in cooperation with the Deanship of Information Technology to provide Internet service to residents at high speeds and modern technologies.