CV Writing Course

In line with the efforts exerted by the Vice-Dean’s Office at the College of Education to provide students with the necessary skills to engage in the community, and at the request of the dean, Dr. Nasser Al-Othman and the vice-dean, Dr. Ammar Al-Ammar, the Alumni Unit conducted on Monday a course for potential graduates, entitled “CV Writing”.
Presented by Dr. Saleh Al-Saud, Assistant Professor at the College of Education in Zulfi, to 30 students who are expected to graduate this year, the course began by a motivational speech encouraging students to avail themselves of the courses offered by the college to acquire the skills needed to join the job market.
Dr. Al-Saudi pointed out that the Alumni Unit shall leave no stone unturned to help students acquiring essential skills for them to venture the market successfully.
The course’s goals and content are:
1. What is CV
2. Elements of CV
3. Essential requirements that should be found in CV
4. How to write credentials
5. Attachments and documents
6. Samples of written CV
7. A hands-on training for each student in writing a CV
8. Answering students’ questions
At the end of the course, thanks were extended to students for being active in the course and to the coordinator of the course, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Fayez.

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Monday, 27/April/2020