Faculty Members Unit

Faculty Members Unit


This unit is responsible of undertaking the tasks related to Saudi or non-Saudi faculty members, including their appointments, leaves, scholarships, sabbaticals, delegations, and all other matters.


Using CMS, the unit aims to perform all tasks and duties to enable the faculty member to follow up on all related matters. 


To provide a suitable environment and overcome difficulties for all faculty members to help the faculty member perform their duties.



Reporting to work for Saudi faculty members after the end of their scholarships.
Reporting to work for Saudi faculty members at the beginning of the academic year.
Uploading documents related to the faculty members' tasks.
Following up on the appointments of Saudi faculty members after being promoted
Submitting requests for family visits 
Renewing and issuing residency permits 
Submitting emergency leave requests (travel sponsorship) 
Submitting education expenses for contractors' children.
Completing termination procedures.
Submitting the scarcity allowance for Saudi faculty members.
Cancelling salary transfer requests for contractors.
Submitting requests for passport transfer and updating contractors' data.
Uploading data of contractors for visa issuance.
Submitting requests for vehicle parking permits for contractors.
Creating and updating a database for faculty members (males-females).
Creating and updating a database for faculty members' enumeration (males-females).