This unit is responsible of preparing the college's policies of graduate studies and implementing them, supervising the college's postgraduate programs, and recruiting academic competencies in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Unit Specialties

Set a strategy for postgraduate studies consistent with the strategy of the college and university

Preparing the evidence that regulates the rules of admission, registration, study, supervision and others.

Launch distinguished programs in various majors

Assist outstanding students to pursue their higher studies through external and internal scholarships at renowned universities, and following up on their scientific, administrative and financial issues.



Set up the budget for graduate studies and related research and include them in the college budget.

Creating a database featuring information about professors in the college including their theses and scientific research

Supervising the scholarship programs of teaching assistants and lecturers at the college, and following up their scientific, administrative and financial issues.

Submit a periodic report on the status of postgraduate studies at the college