About the Department

The Department of Educational Sciences was founded since the establishment of the College of Education in 1413 under the name of the Department of Education and Psychology.

The Support Service Department was concerned with providing educational materials for training primary school teachers in the departments.

With the change of the name of the college from the Teacher’s College to the College of Education, the objectives of the Department and the courses changed too.

With the establishment of Majmah University in 1431, the department's name has changed to the Department of Educational Sciences and began to offer courses such as the history of education, philosophy of education, its origins, and development.


The Department also specializes in studies, research, and teaching courses in the fields of:

• Methods of teaching

• Educational sociology

• Education policy and system in the Kingdom

• Educational administration and planning

• Learning theories, assessment and measurement

• Educational psychology

• Mental health

• Growth and development

• Curriculum and Development