Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
23 October 2020

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The Unified Bylaws of Postgraduate Studies in Saudi universities has defined the Deanship’s tasks as follows:

- Contributing to the enrichment of the human knowledge in all its branches through opening the Postgraduate Studies program in various disciplines to attain innovative scientific and practical additions

-  Enabling the outstanding graduated students to continue their higher education through providing external and internal scholarships in the distinguished universities, to create university scholarship programs, and to monitor the scientific, the administrative, and the financial situations of the students in the destination they were sent to.

- Encouraging the scientific talents to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and to stimulate them to creation and innovation in order to develop the Saudi scientific research and to serve society issues.

- Studying the experience of the similar scientific institutions to develop an overview of the postgraduate studies and associated research in the university.

-organizing the admission rules, the enrollment, the study, and the direct supervision of typing the results of the postgraduate students in the computer.

-studying and evaluating the annual report of the postgraduate studies taken from the universities.

-Preparing the budget of the postgraduate studies and the associated research and working on including it in the university budget.

-Putting manual mode for the postgraduate studies and updating it, in coordination with the colleges that includes all the information and the procedures related to the postgraduate studies in the university.

-Creating a an extensive information base that include information about the professors of the postgraduate studies in the university, lists of the recorded memoires and scientific researches in the university inside and outside the kingdom in order to facilitate the researchers‘ mission to consult them.

-Overseeing the scholarship programs of assistant teachers and lecturers in the university and following-up their scientific, administrative, and financial situations in the destinations they were sent to.