Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the webiste of the Department of Accounting at the College of Business Administration, MU.

The mission of the Accounting Department strives to achieve multiple goals including qualifying students both academically and professionally to meet the needs of society, achieve sustainable development and inculcate a sense of belonging to the nation. To fulfill these goals, the department seeks to keep pace with scientific and professional developments in the field of accounting and auditing through continuous improvement of curricula, taking into account the requirements of the labor market. 

The department is also learning from the experiences of prestigious universities in having competent graduates capable of working in the field of accounting and auditing, in a way that supports the national economy and contributes to achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.



With that in mind, we strive in the Accounting Department to encourage and support scientific research in the field of accounting and auditing, contribute to opening new horizons for accounting research.

The Accounting Department also contributes strongly to community service and the development of the local environment by supporting the government sector and the business community. This support includes conducting scientific research or applied studies and conducting training courses.

Mr. Sulaiman Al-Hugail

Head of the Department of Accounting