The Unit of Mutual Services

The Unit aims to coordinate with its counterparts in the Vice-Dean's Office for Educational Affairs and Development and the Vice-Dean's Office for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research to support the education process based on students' needs.


Unit specializations:


1- Meet the requirements of the educational, research and administrative process.

2- Set operational plans.

3- Implement safety and evacuation plans in events of emergency in coordination with the relevant authorities.

4- Conduct interactive programs through joint scientific, cultural and sports activities, events and competitions at the university level.

5- Create opportunities for female students to engage in the university community.

6- Design necessary preventive and awareness programs to prepare female students to carry out their social roles, and to promote the principles of the Islamic religion, values, and patriotism.

7- Study the labor market and its requirements to equip students with the necessary skills to meet the demand of the labor market line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

8- Conduct introductory and awareness programs about the labor market to help female students after their graduation.

9- Announce exam instructions in places that are clear for students, faculty members, and invigilators.

10- Supervise the progress of exams including cleanliness, ventilation, lighting, and providing drinking water.

11- Receive feedback from people with disabilities and chronic diseases and work on them.

12- Conduct training programs for talented students.