Volunteering and Community Service Unit


This unit is responsible for communicating with external community sectors such as schools, companies and charities.
Unit specialization:


1- Encourage faculty members, students and researchers to participate in awareness-raising activities and spreading the culture of volunteering.
2- Link the university with the surrounding community and contribute to its development.
3- Highlight the college’s media role in community and organize its participation in international and national events.
4- Attract college employees to participate in community service activities.
5- Improve the services provided to the community.
6- Document and write reports on community service activities.
7- Link academic study with community service.
8- Activate students' role in community service.
9- Motivate college employees to cooperate with health charitable institutions.
10- Spread the culture of volunteer work to serve the community.
11- Spread health awareness among the internal and external community.
12- Stay informed about scientific and practical developments in the areas of community service.
13- Form partnerships with various community institutions, such as hospitals, schools, factories, and private community centers.
14- Identify the most important community issues and problems, as well as the services provided by the college.
15- Set an annual plan for the college to serve the community.
16- Implement the college's approved community service plan.
17- Measure the beneficiaries’ satisfaction with the community services provided.
18- Hold periodic meetings with the beneficiaries.
19- Organize meetings, seminars, scientific lectures and training courses that contribute to community service.
20- Promote and advertise the college’s community services.
21- Encourage scientific research to solve important issues and problems in society in coordination with the College’s Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Unit.