Rabi Al-Awaal 1440
18 November 2018

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Department of Computer Science and Information

Department of Computer Science was established in the academic year 1427 / 1428 h, in coincides with the establishment of the Faculty of Science, to meet the needs of different sectors in the Kingdom of this discipline, and to develop qualified and expertise required. The Department seeks to qualify the student to be after his graduation a specialist in the field of computer science in terms of study and analysis of computer system and methods of construction, as well as software tools help, such as operating systems and various programming languages ​​and computer networks. And a curriculum has prepared to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary for him to be proficient in this field.
The graduates are qualified to be able to work in the government and private sector companies such as building software, universities, educational institutions, telecommunications companies and Internet, and various companies and institutions associated with the field of specialization.


Conditions for joining the department of computer science and information

-        College students will be accepted on condition that the minmun GPA is 3.5, and the students from the college have priority over the students who are from outside the college.

-        The college accepts students from the same college or outside , but the minimum GPA must be 3.5.


University service and community

-        The computer entered various areas of life, in the fields of banks, industry, medicine, telecommunication and many others areas of life. Therefor, the university seeks to fill the growing needs for staff in this area through graduating students who are armed with good and strong knowledge on both theoritical and practical sides, and able to compete well in labor market, in the light of rapid and huge development,witnessed in the kingdom.

-        For the society sevice. The existance of qualified graduates in the field of computer science and information, contribute to the implementation of government policies to hire Suadis and  spread the information technology culture among young people.


Job opportunities:

-        Perhaps the most jobs available in the kingdom is to computer's graduate, and that is because of the great and rapid boom that  the kngdom is witnessing, and also because of the needs for computer in all aspects of life in public and private sectors. And as examples we will mention some areas where graduates can work in

a-     The field of education and higher education.

b-     The field of medicine and health

c-     The field of industry

d-     The field of banks, trade, and business

e-     The field of adminstration

f-       The field of e-government

g-     The military field

And many other areas.


Study requirements of the department

To obtain a bachelor's degree, students must pass the following:

·        Preparatory year.

·     University requirements (16 credit hours). All students in all colleges must take these requirements.

·        Department of computer and information requirements (65 credit hours)

·        Department compulsory requirements (68 credit hours), including 6 hours for graduation project, students should finish it under the supervision of one of the faculty members.

·        Training is (one of the requirements) for at least two months in any companies, after finishing 72 credit hours successfully. And the aim of this training is to bring closer studying in the department, and professional work in both public and private sectors. In addition, the department distributes students on training places in agreement with these places to implement training during summer vacation. The distribution is based on student's desire and available opportunities.


 The following chart shows the requirements based on the credit hours:


 Requirement distribution table of the Computer Science & Information Department


Department Study Plan