A workshop held by DCSCE on “How to set up excellence units at charity”

Based on the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and the Ministry of Education’s pursuit to provide high-quality education to build a knowledge society, on one hand, and the great concern of the government is giving to charity sector, on the other hand, a workshop entitled “How to set up excellence units at charity” was organized by the Deanship of Community Service and Continues Education in cooperation with the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.

The 4-day workshop began on Sunday and was presented virtually by Dr. Almutwali Ismael who talked about several topics related to enhancing the culture of quality as follows:

  • Promote the culture of quality
  • Set up an excellence unit
  • Essential requirements to apply quality at charity sectors
  • Qualify charitable organizations to apply for the Excellence Prize
  • Share expertise to save time, effort and money and to achieve comprehensive quality at charitable organizations
  • Techniques of writing a profile for an organization

Participants in the workshop expressed their satisfaction with the information shared, hoping further workshops would take place to qualify employees of charity organizations and institutions to achieve the kingdom’s vision 2030.

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Wednesday, 23/December/2020