The Word of Director of the FCTC

                                            In the name of Allah, most Beneficent most Merciful

             Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and all his companions

         Girls of the Majmaa Province have always dreamt to find a nursing hand providing her with care, guidance, and rehabilitation which she need and which had been impossible to reach due to the crippling distance of the big cities. However, the dream was no so far, and here she wakes up on a wonderful truth being interpreted by an exerting government and loyal men of trustees striving to achieve the hopes she had cherished. Here is a four-year promising university speeding up like the wind its quantitative and qualitative developments to reach a sprawling society to get to it wherever it is…despite distances.

                The opening of the feminist community training center is just an evidence of the keenness of His Excellency the Rector’s; together with Dr. Khaled Megren, His Excellency the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education Dr Omar cheryoufi, His Excellency the vice dean Dr Adel Maghthawi, and all the deanship’s employees- that all that can uplift all age categories such as a child, a teen, a mother, or a working employee where an attractive environment and training programs should meet their need with an unsurpassed and unprecedented quality in the province.

            This will be excavated in her imagination and remembered as one of the university’s achievement. This center is nothing but the nucleus from which many similar centers will be launched, Allah Willing, this is our coming dream which will not be too much awaited in the light of the acceleration of growth in all the university facilities.


                                                               Hila bent Ibrahim Al Morched

                                           Director of the Feminist Community Training Center