Computer Science Diploma (Networks Technology)


Computer Science Diploma (Networks Technology)



Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education

Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education is considered a supportive supporting entity to link the university with all sectors of society and its institutions. On the basis of Majmaah University development mission and objectives towards community service and a contribution to meet the needs of the Deanship mobilization efforts and investment of creative energies, expertise and competencies varied within the university in order to provide an educational and training software package of diploma qualification of scientific and professional specialized in various fields of scientific and technical knowledge; to help meet community needs and aspirations.

Program Name:


Computer Sciences Diploma “Networks Technology”


Program Objectives:

The program aims to prepare and qualify human cadres specialized in the field of computer science (Networks Technology). To meet the requirements of development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and open up broad areas for high school graduates to possess technical expertise and practical applications, allowing them to compete in the job market efficiently and effectively and raise the level of Saudi youth efficiency in their jobs to serve the purposes of economic development, by relying on the latest world laboratories and scientific techniques in training.


Duration of study in the program:


Two Years Divided into (4) semesters 


Number of the Program Units:


(52) Study Units


Place of the Program:


Faculty of Engineering at Majmaah – Male Students

Faculty of Education at Majmaah – Female Students

Faculty of Science at Zulfi - Male Students

Faculty of Education at Zulfi - Female Students


Study time:   Evening



Requirements for Passing the Program:


   Passing the designated number of hours (52) hours with grade “good” at least.


Employment and recruitment:


The certificate of Computer Sciences Diploma “Networks Technology” is considered one of the most important employment documents for the Civil Service Bureau. This certificate qualifies its holder to join positions associated to areas of computer sciences such as computer operator, computer laboratory technician computer, data entry officer, assistant coach in the area ofspecialization and specifications and standards technician. The diploma also provides the competitive advantage for applicants to fill public and non-governmental vacancies in the field of computer science (networks technology).


Admission Requirements: 


Must have a high school certificate or equivalent.

To be medically fit.

To pass the personal interview, or any other tests conducted by the Deanship.

Payment of fees.

Commitment to full training periods.


Targeted Category:     Male & Female Students


Required Papers and documents: 


1 – One Manila File

2 - Copy of academic qualifications

3 - Copy of ID card or family book.

4 - Study fees payment receipt.

5 - Six personal photos for the student.


Study Plan


Divided into four installments payable at the beginning of each semester