Message from the Vice-Dean

As it might be well known to everyone that universities have a huge responsibility towards their community which should be undertaken on basis of scientific and technical criteria and in line with the strategic plan. Thus, the Dean’s Office for Community Service and Continuous Education DOCSCE at Majmaah University is committed to providing whatever that might contribute to the developmental community movement of university community, local community and Saudi community at large. The Vice-Dean’s Office for Community-Based Programs at DOCSCE strives to offer a wide-range of training programs to the community as part of achieving the university’s objectives for serving community members and participating in the sustainable development. These programs are characterized by their diversity and richness and include a number of activities that contribute in building up individuals and public and private sectors. The working team at the Vice-Dean’s Office also focuses on providing exceptional programs to the community members that are characterized by their quality and innovation. During the process of planning for these programs, MU’s strategic plans, detailed objectives and indicators were taken into consideration. A mechanism for evaluating these programs is also at the center of its interest to meet the indicator of continuous improvement. Finally, the Vice-Dean’s Office hopes to see the quality initiatives taking place so that the university’s objectives will be achieved. Dr. Adel Al-Turki Vice-Dean for Community-Based Programs